Attendance and Assignments


Absences:  Students are responsible for bringing a note from home explaining any absence from class (a parent phone call to the office is not adequate).  Missed work will be accepted only if it was a legitimate excuse (i.e. due to illness or a school event) and will be due the next period after the student returns.  It is the student's responsibility to determine what work was work was missed, what will be due next day (including any tests and quizzes), and to acquire any relevant worksheets or handouts.

Lates:  Students will be given 3 grace lates per term (i.e. lates without consequences).  This reflects my understanding that there may be events that occasionally prevent a student from arriving to school on time.   Students will be given consequences, usually in the form of detentions when they exceed the alloted number of grace lates.


Late Assignments and Tests: Late assignments will lose 10% each day.  Students have a maximum of 1 week to make up missed tests (for legitimate absences only).  (Note: if you are late in turning in an assignment due to tardiness, 10% will be deducted).

Homework: Homework will be checked periodically and will be assessed a mark out of two each time.  These marks will be included in your "assignments" mark.  This mark will be scaled to a mark out of 6.  (Note: if you miss a homework check due to tardiness, you will receive a mark of zero).