Chemistry 11

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Chemistry 11 is an academic course which will provide students with the basic skills and information necessary for success in Chemistry 12.  The course will involve traditional instruction and seat work, but will also involve a large number of lab activities.  Much of the year will be focused on a concept called the "mole", which is a quantity of a chemical species.  

It is assumed that students will already have mastery over the following areas:

  • the periodic table
  • determining the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in elements
  • writing and naming chemical formulas
  • balancing chemical equations
  • classification of chemical reactions
  • lab safety and familiarity with basic lab equipment and procedures

Chemistry 11 requires a strong foundation of math, as much of the material will involve calculations and manipulating formulae. For this reason, students taking this course should have achieved a minimum of a "B" grade in Math 10 and Science 10.