Rules and Miscellaneous


Cheating:  Students caught cheating will be given a grade of zero.  This includes cheating on an assignment (such as copying someone's homework) and cheating during a test or quiz.  This also includes students that assist others in cheating (ex. allowing another student to look at his/her test, or allowing another student to copy his/her homework).  This will also result in parents/guardians being notified.  Please refer to Seaquam's Academic Honesty Policy for more information. 

Grades and Assignments: Grades will be posted on Student/Parent Connect and assignments will be posted on this website.

Supplies: Students are expected to come to class with the following:

        • binder                                     • text book (if applicable)                            

                                                         • pen and pencil                        • scientific calculator

Conduct: Students are expected to work for the duration of the period and to remain seated at all times.  Violation of this may result in detention.

Food and Drink:  Students are not allowed to consume food in the classroom.  The only drink that is allowed is water (but not on lab days).

Electronic Devices:  Electronic devices will be allowed but only if they are used responsibly (i.e. no texting, games, email, etc. and only during seatwork).