The most exciting phrase to hear in Science,   the one that heralds new discoveries, is not  'Eureka!' (I found it), but 'That's funny...' "  (Isaac Asimov)

Science, in my opinion, is the best subject that a student can study in highschool.  Not only is it an opportunity to learn Science and to get "hands-on" experience with scientific principles, but it also allows us to play with some really cool toys!  It is my hope that students, upon finishing my class, will be more excited and more passionate about Science than they were at the beginning of the course.

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Welcome Back Chem Students!


Welcome back everyone.  It`s so great to be back after a very extended break.

This year I will be teaching Chemistry 11 and 12.  These are difficult courses and I can understand and sympathize with the challenges that some students may have.  If you need help, my door is usually open.  Come see me at lunch time or after school any day if you ever need any help.  You can also try me in the mornings, although my schedule is a little unpredictable as I commute from Abbotsford.

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